With increasing needs to provide higher levels of security for both staff and students, many schools are taking an active approach to eliminate random acts of violence and thefts.Working with constricted budgets, schools need a cost-effective, flexible security solution for their facilities. From preschools, K-12 schools, private and boarding schools, college campuses and dorms of all sizes, Caxtec Security can provide you with a system for virtually any application at a reasonable price to fit a cost-effective budget.

Manage your resources and safeguard your property, whatever size your building may be. Caxtec offers integrated security solutions that help you meet that challenge. From small single buildings to multi-campus commercial office complexes,  Caxtec provides a safe and secure environment for employees and visitors. Our security systems monitor what goes on in and around your facilities at your convenience, providing reliable and rapid communication of alarm signals.

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We offer latest products and services to protect your business, manage your security, and enhance your operations. Our leading solutions provide supports to individual to companies protect their employees, customers and facilities, and better manage their security. We also provide tools to enhance existing operations through business intelligence, inventory visibility, open/close schedule monitoring and much more. If you need and special product or solution.


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We consider Support to be a critical component in project's success and continued system integrity. CAXTEC offers several post-warranty support options to suit your chosen environment and its specific needs. Using our Technical Support Portal, you can easily find links to helpful online tools, review support questions, and access our Knowledgebase that features articles, tips and solutions for common support requests.


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The Walk Through Metal Detection system is use to detect all kinds of concealed deadly firearms, bladed knives, grenade and all kinds of metal weapons. A non conductive, nonmagnetic device that fixes the position of the detector plane and detector axis with respect to the three-axes translation system.

Our metal detector approved for U.S. and European airports that indicates whether multiple targets are located on the left, right or center of the body as well as vertical location. Our Detector leads the industry with superior pinpoint technology and unmatched discrimination features. Designed for maximum throughput without compromising security.

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Building Management & Monitoring

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Central Monitoring Controls hardware and software to meet digital control requirements in thousands of commercial buildings, shopping malls, hotels, equipment shelters, educational,  and many other types of facilities that you can think of!! Building automation solutions available primarily focused on an energy management control system of heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, lighting power and other related System. Other system applications also include control of OEM equipment such as Chillers, VAV boxes, Boilers, Rooftop and Penthouse units, and other large equipment's.
We can support for design and install intelligent building management and security systems that deliver solutions for HVAC, access control, video surveillance, lighting control, and Intelligent Buildings Energy Efficiency and any other requirements.

Specialization in a wide range system solution and expertise are becoming the key features, and we provides a deep level of expertise on all products we carry and we have become a natural extension of the System Integrators team. Many of our System Integrator partners will either get training or have joins them in the design or installation phase of projects.
We are setup to provide Security Integrators with a complete line of interlope tested products so you can choose the best solutions among several market leaders for your customer and get delivery of all components needed to complete your solution.
As an integrator, we always use latest technology  and world class distributor and cost-effective solutions for our customer . Our entire customer facing team knows our products and our Support Engineers have practical experience so they can truly assist you in your projects.

We are committed to the very best in customer service. To ensure rapid response and total peace of mind we offer a 24 hour 7 day a week service and repair throughout the country. We offer rapid response to security maintenance issues to help ensure minimal downtime of your security systems. Our highly specialized, local maintenance teams offer fast maintenance, repair and replacement of security systems, devices and components for intrusion detection, access control, video surveillance, fire detection and elevator security systems, allowing you to minimize security interruptions. We offer telephone and web-based maintenance scheduling on a 24-hour basis.

Service & Breakdown
Whether you need a fast effective response to an emergency situation or wish to maintain the safe efficient working of your systems through a planned preventative maintenance contract we can help.

Routine Maintenance
Planned preventative maintenance is essential to ensure both the operational performance and safety of your systems. We work closely with clients to establish their needs and provide competitive, tailor-made Planned Preventative Maintenance packages suit all levels of systems and to meet all budget requirements

CAXTEC provides products, services, and solutions to governments and governmental agencies, non-governmental organisations, law establishments, airports, sea ports, embassies, banks, power stations, critical infrastructure and major organisations and corporations worldwide.

Our teams of professional designer, security installation specialists work to meet the highest industry standards in installation quality. Providing emphasis on technical expertise, quality of workmanship and respect for your business environment, we pride ourselves on getting your business security system installation right the first time. During commissioning, extensive quality tests are performed to ensure the proper operation and functionality of video surveillance camera installations, intrusion detection systems, access control systems and detection systems, so that your business security systems perform as designed from the start.

CAXTEC provides products, services and solutions to governments and governmental agencies, non-governmental organisations, law establishments, airports, sea ports, embassies, banks, power stations, critical infrastructure and major organisations and corporations worldwide.

Our range of products and services is extremely broad and covers all forms of Anti-Terrorism & Risk Reduction, Defense and Homeland Security Solutions. This breadth of experience, together with our global reach, means we can provide Worldwide World-Class Protection solutions to almost any client requirements, Safety, Security and any related solution by our selected latest system by world renown manufacturers.

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