Mid or Short Range Thermal cameras based on the latest uncooled IR technology and continuously IR optical zoom. User could get a best imaging details with high resolution, advanced digital circuit and image processing algorithm. Special design of optical zooming lens have detection distance 500-Meter to 4000-Meter.  Aluminum alloy housing make sure the camera IP66 sealing rates and works well in harsh outdoor conditions. This camera integrate high sensitive FPA sensor, electronic and optical systems, could penetrate fog/dirt/rain/snow and image 24 hours.  Detection: (Human: 700M to 1600M) & (Vehicle: 1500M to 4000M) and Identification: (Human: 100M to 400M) & (Vehicle: 400M to 1200M).
Suitable for : Vehicle-mounted, railway & expressway, seaport & airport, river & lake, city security and related.

To meet your exact requirements. Options include, but are not limited to, cooled and uncooled thermal cameras, megapixel cameras, ultra long-range lenses, radar integration, zoom laser IR diode (form 500-meter to 15km in complete darkness), gyro stabilization, and more. Simply put, whatever your needs, we can provide you required solutions.
Infrared Laser Speed Dome Camera, Laser Night Vision Camera, Standard Thermal Camera, Long-range Zoom Thermal Camera, Long-distance HD laser Camera, HD Long-range Fog Penetration Camera, Portable Thermal Camera, Portable Laser Camera, Vehicle- Mounted Dual Channel Dome Camera, Dual channel long range thermal camera and others.

We offer the broadest selection of IP cameras designed for security surveillance in a wide variety of commercial and industrial settings. From our industry-leading fixed and high-speed IP cameras to panoramic, thermal imaging, explosion proof and more, we offer a camera for any environment, any lighting condition and any application. Network cameras   IP Encoder  Video encoders  Network video recorders IP video recorders with RAID
Our video management software(VMS) is powerful and easy to use with a wide array of features for basic to advanced surveillance needs.

We have the in-house skills to provide a complete turnkey package, from initial concept to completion, organizing planning consents, local power, communications & utilities companies, to installation of groundwork’s, delivery of street furniture such as columns, gantries etc, then the final leg to design and supply all the necessary desk consoles and control room furniture, control and monitoring equipment and infrastructure, wiring and connectivity.We have the experience, knowledge and know-how to do the same for you, on-time and on budget - guaranteed.

Folding bollard is a designed to stop unauthorized parking from reserved parking areas. It is suitable for residential areas and sites where car parks are to provide for employees. Quick and easy to install, folding bollard can be unlocked by key and lowered flat to the ground allowing a car to safely drive over it. Neat and stylish, made of steel, either stainless steel or paint options available, it is made visible in the dark by reflective stripe.

Protective Post and Bollards are an excellent choice for protecting front of store, backroom, warehouse assets which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. XTEC offers a full line of fixed or removable posts as well as heavy duty bollards for equipment and asset protection.

Pedestrian Safety Barriers are the perfect option for clearly defining pedestrian walkways, ensuring that people on foot are safe. These safety barriers don't allow people to stray in to vehicle areas because they create a physical barrier to ensure safe segregation between people and lighter vehicles. Our Pedestrian Barrier helps to minimize crossing points throughout your environment and gates can be incorporated in to the modular and flexible system.Solutions we now offer the complete range of Bollards for every site or situation.

Material: Cast Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Cast Polyurethane, Plastic, Recycled Plastic (Plaswood), Timber and Concrete. Available in various options - Ground Fixed, Surface Fixed, Flexible, and Telescopic.

Decorative bollards and covers contribute to the visual quality of a building or landscape. They feature stylish designs to complement the shape, texture, color and weight of a building in its surrounding landscape or community neighborhood. Decorative bollards can reinforce planning and design objectives within a given site and help increase cohesion with the surrounding building and neighborhood. Solutions we now offer the complete range of Bollards for every site or situation. Material: Cast Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Cast Polyurethane, Plastic, Recycled Plastic (Plaswood), Timber and Concrete. Available in various options - Ground Fixed, Surface Fixed, Removable, Anti Ram Raid, Flexible and Telescopic. For more information on our range of Bollards, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Impact flexible delineators(flexible Bollards) are ideal for any application where high performance and durability are important, including exit lane delineation, changes in road alignment, centerline traffic separation, or urban turn restrictions. Delineators are flattened area designed for the application of a 3” x 12” area of retro reflectivity on one or both sides and come standard with reactive spring system that allows the posts to withstand multiple impacts and return to their original position without any vertical listing. Available Height Options are 6", 42", 48" with multiple color options.

Fold down bollards are great for controlling parking access, but can also be used for changing access applications. Bollards are ideal for protecting reserved parking spaces, or to communicate access on laneways where entry regulations fluctuate. Folding bollards are suited for both residential and commercial use to reserve parking. Fold-down bollards can be unlocked by key and lowered flat to the ground, allowing cars to safely drive over. Installation is easy and can be completed relatively quickly on almost any concrete surface.

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