Intelligent key management, comprehensively protect your valuables and resources as offers modular, scalable key management and cost-effective solutions. Key Management System completes management solution that combines facility management, asset management, security management into a single system as Management of keys and valuables.

Intelligent electronics key and locker protect  mobile phones, laptops, or important documents: With our electronic deposit systems, we can secure your valuables: continuously, reliably, and efficiently.

Tensator post with rope
Designed to provide stylish and versatile solutions to queue management by discretely and politely guiding or informing your customers; this post will complement and enhance public areas in Airport, hotels, banks, museums, theatres and galleries. Rope is supplied with chrome snap ends as standard.

Crowd Control Barriers
These lighter weight crowd control barriers offer tremendous versatility, as they compliment, and are ideal to combine with heavy duty Crowd Barriers. Their special lightweight design means they’re easy to handle, and are compact to store. Special lightweight crowd barriers lock together using a built in clasp and hook method, which enables long rows to be easily opened on demand - should access be required.

We are able to provide cost-effective Digital Technology Systems from single camera units to multi-site systems linked to organizations own computer networks and websites, controlling any amount of cameras around the globe with a simple click of a button, with all the quality and reassurance of Digital Technology.
From Fixed Cameras to Pan & Tilt & Dome Cameras with powerful zoom lenses capable of picking out a number plate at distances greater than a mile away, we have the technology, resources and in-house skills to meet your requirements.

•    Digital Technology
•    Multi Site Networked Systems
•    ANPR Automatic Number Plate Reading    
•    Turnkey Projects
•    From Concept to Completion

Cost efficient access control solutions that are works for single system can support 1 door system to 1024 doors systems in a single software as all connected in TCP/IP Network. A leading Access Control and Electronic Locking Solutions, with products ranging from Biometric & Online Access Control, Electromagnetic Locking, Keypads, Stand Alone Entrance Systems and Door Automation. The readers are unobtrusive, slim line and constructed from either rugged, weatherized polycarbonate, aluminum, stainless steel or chrome enclosures designed to withstand harsh environments as well as provide a high degree of vandal resistance.


Standard Access Control
Access control software that integrates the most advanced security technologies with innovative networking capabilities to bring you full-featured security solutions serving any size facility.
[ Up to 254 sites ]  [ 254 controllers per site ]  [ Up to 1024 readers]

Yard Management and Security system helps you to gain efficiency and reduce costs by having real time visibility of your valuable assets, as well as your personnel if required. The system delivers real-time visibility, location, and advanced security for managing and securing your yard inventory effectively using proven 433MHz Active RFID technology.

Infant security solution delivers unparalleled protection by offering a wide array of features and functionality unmatched by any other system. Our Infant security solution is the only system that offers the choice of four types of infant tags - Umbilical, Tamper Sensing, Cut-Band, and a specially designed tag for NICU babies - and supports true Real Time Location (RTLS) capability, besides portal security. Keeping end-users in mind, the tags are the smallest and lightest available and are ergonomically designed to ensure the highest level of comfort for your smallest of patients.

Safeguarding against abduction, wandering and elopement, keeping track of young patients while they are at your facility can be a daunting task, especially when the potential of abduction and elopement in this group is far greater than in any other group of patients. The impressionable age of these patients makes it critical to have in place security mechanisms to ensure the patient does not leave the building/unit without proper authorization from the hospital staff.

Staff  Duress & Safety system enables you to monitor staff movements for their own safety and communicate with them on demand. The system has been designed to give you and your staff assurance that they can communicate and call for help at the time of crisis, and eliminate critical delays caused by ambiguous location information when that help is needed by locate and track a moving employee with the typical accuracy averaging 8-15 feet.

Security within schools could potentially be achieved by securing the perimeter of the school building using active RTL (Real Time Locator) RFID.  Student data enrolls & identification any suitable identification tag and classified with class level is possible. Indentify when student enter to the school and leaving the school, Identify guardian, when they come for pick up a student and cross match, and alarm if not match, In case of emergency, head count if all vacant, also check in assembly place.

Whether you have a small, medium or large facility, Asset Tracking System is designed to be a scalable and powerful tool that will help your healthcare staff locate equipment easily and rapidly, while also providing security against their loss. Two accurate location technologies— RTLS and Portal Detection—deliver a robust and reliable solution that enables accurate location, to the room level if desired, while also protecting your precious equipment from unauthorized removal from your premises, or even from individual departments.

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