We have a large range of Crash Rated PAS68 K12 Automatic Bollards. We offer extremely high security automatic bollards that are Pas 68 & K12 crash tested bollards and ram raid resistant, fully encased and secure when lowered or raised. High visibility is guaranteed by a set of programmable (flashing or constant) LED's around the top of the bollard.
•    Automatic Bollards - Crash Rated(K4-K12)
•    PAS68 Rated Bollards
•    High Performance Bollards   
•    Ram Raid Bollards
•    High Security Bollards
•    Anti-Terrorist Bollard

We have a large range of Automatic Rising Bollards that can be installed in a variety of different applications, are robust and a high security method of preventing vehicular access. Our range includes Automatic Bollards with built-in flashing lights that operate during operation, that can extend to a height of over 900mm with operational times of just 4 seconds, dependant upon your requirements. One or more bollards can be installed and operated together or individually.
•    Automatic Bollards
•    Residential & Commercial Bollards
•    City Centre Bollards    
•    Traffic Lane Control & Traffic Limitation
•    Anti Ram Raid Bollards
•    Control of Pedestrian Areas

Master Clocks Controller have always been packed with different features with different model. The SMA Series master clocks come with a plethora of standard features such as an (S)NTP input, interfacing with other systems and Daylight Saving Time. Also included is a fully functional web interface that allows you to program the master clock from any Internet connection.

Each master clock has many optional features that are offered a la carte so you can buy the features you need which includes a GPS and a wireless transmitter, we have the answer to virtually any application you may encounter. Master Clock controller collaborates with the Wireless, TalkBack, IP and Wired Systems. Ability to set between 4 or 8 relays where you can program bells to ring. Built-in web interface that allows you to program the master clock from any Internet connection.

CCTV surveillance systems give you the peace of mind that your property is being safely monitored 24/7. One of the most effective visual deterrents to keep intruders at arm’s length is to protect the outside perimeters of your property with visible CCTV surveillance cameras.
With a large range of designs available, CCTV cameras are no longer an obtrusive object to have installed, there are many impressive designs that can even give prominence to the property or premises. Adding value to properties and reducing insurance premiums, the addition of CCTV only comes with advantages. Protecting loved ones and assets doesn’t have to be an expensive venture, with a system to suit every budget you can always be one step ahead.

Our intelligent counting system can be use Buildings, offices, casinos, shopping centers, stores, airports, and museums. Their paramount concern, besides accuracy, is aesthetics. Counting passengers in vehicles and Buildings is an unique challenge and we have little control over light conditions, vibration or movement.

CAXTEC Systems is a world leader in high resolution VGA, DVI and audio video capture, encoding, recording and streaming hardware. Backed by rock-solid customer support, our products allow you to capture, encode, record, stream and replay virtually any high-resolution video signal.

Expertly crafted to produce the fastest live streaming video for project monitoring. These dependable heavy-duty network cameras operate in extreme weather conditions. This series includes remote user-controllable Pan, Tilt, Zoom and multiple preset angles.

•    Save travel time and money with remote viewing
•    Avoid delays and disputes
•    Make qualified decisions quickly

The Laser Speed Gun Cam delivers high performance with Mega Pixel Camera for true indisputable evidence for traffic speed violation both image and video. Easy roadside use for both portable and car dashboard mounting. The first traffic laser with poor weather mode, allowing for improved performance in dust storm, fog, rain, snow, and dust.  The rugged aluminum housing and rubber bumpers protect the unit from damage. The Laser Speed Gun Cam is powered by 12 VDC handle or optional long-life battery pack or directly from car Cigarette 12Dc power  and backlit LCD for night time operations.

We offers a wide range of laser-based products for Law Enforcement agencies for everything from speed enforcement. The use of lasers or lidar (light detection and ranging) for speed enforcement is growing every year and will soon be the standard for law enforcement departments around the world. Laser Technology's design process for speed equipment is driven by the demands of real world needs.  Enforcing speeds within multilane highways and discouraging the use of radar and lidar detectors are just a few. The most important need law agencies have to address is that their speed enforcement equipment has to stand up in court.

Reliable, Efficient Human Presence Detection for a Variety of Security Inspection,
Its  one-of-a-kind security inspection system that detects human beings hiding in vehicles or containers loaded on vehicles by sensing the vibrations caused by the human heartbeat.
The technology is more reliable and cost-effective than other sensor approaches and safer and faster than manual searches. It can be operated in two modes: standard and enhanced.

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